• As a player on Live at the Bike, I feel as though your commentators have become my personal poker coaches! They have allowed me to understand the game at a whole new level, understand my opponent’s and my own weaknesses, and use all that information to my advantage.
    Cate Truong
  • If you can take your ego out of it, and truly watch the show you played on and really listen to what the commentators are saying about how you played a hand, you can advance your game in a hurry.
    Michael Medina
    (Mr. Clean)
  • Your site has a higher +EV in terms of time and cost than any other form of poker training that I have ever had. Keep up the good work.
    Bob LeBrecht
  • Though not a professional by any stretch, as a recreational player, you guys give me one more tool to use in my poker arsenal. Thanks for that.
    Rick Wiley
  • I love the poker strategy and entertainment that I get each week with my subscription. But even better is the great people I have met through your chat/community. I seriously can’t recommend you guys enough!
    Brian Watson

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