Can you get Godon Vayo on one of the streams?

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    Live at the bike you should really try to get gordon vayo in on a million dollar cash game. I think hes kind of underrated and when I searched his name in your video archives there were no videos of him playing. I know I would pay to see him on an episode and a lot of poker fans would also I think. His resume is second to none and if he would have won the world series of poker i think that’s the main thing that would have got him the exposure he deserved. He got second in the 2016 tournament which he could have won if he just didn’t fold certain hands I think but don’t forget these stats. 1st Qui Nguyen $8,005,310
    2nd Gordon Vayo $4,661,228 . 2016 WORLD SERIES OF POKER FINAL TABLE.
    So maybe try booking him on live at the bike.

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