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    Kwynn Richards

    I played this hand recently on live at the bike 5/10 plo. There was a limp utg, then a raise to 45, i 3bet to 150 with AT44 double suited which isn’t a great hand but I wanted to mix it up. Amer cold called and we went 4 ways to the flop of K84 two spades one diamond. It checked to me and i bet 450, Amer raised to 1.9k, the other players folded. I had 4.2k in my stack after my flop bet. Is it bad to shove allin here which is what I decided to do after some tanking? He was a loose and aggressive opponent who I believed could have a bunch of wraps and flush draws in addition to K8. Also I had been making many tight yet correct folds and thought that he may be exploiting this.

    Ryan Feldman

    I’m not a PLO expert, but against this opponent I think getting it in is fine on a flush draw board. It’s a cooler once you 3 bet. I think this just shows how important it is to play solid preflop and don’t deviate too much. A lot of the big hands we lose or mistakes we make can go back to preflop.






    I think it’s important to point out that there are many more KK and 88 combos that overcall a 3bet than there are K8xx combos. The positions of all these players really matters btw, but from the information given I created roughly what this amer guy’s range is to first overcall the 3bet and then want to pot over your flop cbet. If I missed a whole chunk of hands someone plz point out the error. I don’t think this is very far off though, except if you have a backdoor flushdraw it increases by a pip or two. Hard to analyze this hand w/out the positions of the 4 players involved, stacksizes and if this guy is outside of his mind overcalling KT84ss it does change things.

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