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    Wussup, wussup, guys. Hope you all enjoying PokerCraft Mondays on Live at the Bike. I will be asking all my guests to tell their poker stories. I told mine in video form on the 5/13/2019 show, but I’ll post a text form here, and encourage you guys to post yours below!

    In my late teens to early 20s, I was #1 in the world in several eSports, most notably Starcraft: Brood War. After being too old to compete, I went back to school attending UC San Diego(where I met Maria Ho pre-poker), stayed with some games/eSports for ego purposes being on 2 Magic the Gathering pro tours, #1 FFA, #2 Allied Team Warcraft 3 US West, and top 40 Legend Hearthstone. Tuition was brutal being 4k a quarter, Rent was around $1.2k then up to $1.4k by the end of my stay in La Jolla. No side job was covering that. No side job except poker that is(while poker is steal beatable now, it was incredibly easier back then, but I don’t know if you can do what I did back then to do decent in poker and still pay for tuition). 2003, I played live poker starting from the bottom $3/$6 limit holdem at Barona, Sycuan and Viejas and moved my way up to $8/$16. Back then it was no flop no drop, kill pot, and table changing you can come in behind without posting. I’m sure players and employees then can corroborate my story. 2004 I won a few thousand on Paradise Poker, but really hit it with Party Poker(and party’s skin Eurobet, with decent rakeback) eventually multi-tabling $15/$30 up to 16 tables. Forgot screen name, likely w3rdup, y3ah.y3ah or jackbau3r. I may be forgetting screen name variants. And Shout out to Poker Tracker. After Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 WSOP, no limit was adopted on the softwares more. I played live $10/$20 No Limit and butt heads with Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Laak, John Juanda, Allen Cunningham, James Woods, and others. I did well(not against them, against the rest lol. Antonio is still up huge versus me, only the loser remembers who is up on who). Also, I did well in no limit on Party Poker and the $215 Single Table Sit aNd Goes, but really hit my stride 2005 on Hollywood Poker(pretty sure name was y3ah.y3ah) where I did very, very well hitting up to $50/$100 No Limit Holdem, even having a session with Daniel Negreanu(confirmed it was him on his Full Contact blog back then, he was on the Full Contact Poker skin). At this time I was spoiled. Tuition, rent and screenwriting efforts not problem so I cut to playing hard for 6 months then writing 6 months along with finishing up my Bachelors at UC San Diego in 2007 because I’m Asian I had to. Hearing rumors Neteller was going to get wrecked, I stopped about 5 months before it happened.

    In 2007, I graduated and moved to Santa Monica, incidentally Green Dragon on Poker Stars was living in the next more building. At this time I was playing 6 months on Full Tilt(as S3raphim) in the year hard mid/high stakes and screenwriting 6 month, I wasn’t that confident I could complete Super Nova Elite on Poker Stars, occasionally I hit and ran PokerStars at the high stakes no limit, limit holdem, 7 card stud by getting temporary transfers from friends. I legit worked my way to high stakes, did well there, but knew my personality wasn’t suited for the life style.

    2011 Black Friday hit I was not one of the people who left a lot in there.In fact the last month I was on Full Tilt I lost. I went over to Cake Poker as they didn’t get shut down and earned some. Went over to playing big live, I did really well, but I kind of knew my weaknesses. Many of my friends warned me that I can do well in mid and mid high stakes no problem, but nosebleed stakes is just hard period, and the life style is very hard even if you have enough skill. Did well live nosebleed stakes Limit Holdem and 7 Card Stud, as well as $10/$20 no limit until 2013. I didn’t understand PLO and Mix game well enough which broke me. I completed a staking deal then messed up a different staking deal, and just making bad decisions.

    Long story short, I had a rough few year, then did my rehabilitation in 2016 on Live at the Bike. Playing and commentating, becoming a prop at the Bicycle Hotel and Casino, found it suited me better in this era. The rest is history. I feel Live at the Bike is where my participation is best because it’s about the legitimate grind and practical situations with real experience. I would also encourage that even though no limit holdem is televised the most, if you play for a living, things aren’t just about no-limit holdem, most of the crushers change to different games while still retaining a no limit holdem background as an option.

    So, what is your poker story?

    -Wayne “D22-soso” Chiang


    My poker story is pretty simple. I was apart of the moneymaker effect. I was a fan as soon as I saw Chris win the event in 2003 and ever since this I was hooked on poker. Poker has given me a chance to be very good at thinking of the mathematical side of it as well as reading opponents.
    The hardest thing I’ve had to come to is finding ways to change my game open it up and be free and be ok with making mistakes and just learning about myself as a poker player

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